About SharpenHer.com

Every Friday morning, my husband bounces ideas off of me for his sermon. In the privacy of his office, we polish, streamline, and add humor (my favorite). As we talk through the weekly messages, I inevitably have a light bulb moment and push to add verses, illustrations, or even entirely new points! Shawn says I preach my own sermon-ettes without ever getting on our stage. It’s kind of like singing in the shower – I can preach a great sermon when no one is listening. Now, I’m not walking on stage with the camera and lights, but SharpenHer is my own stage, of sorts. So, welcome to my sermon-ettes. I’m stepping outside the shower and singing – sharpenHERing – for all to hear. I pray these posts invite discussion, learning, inspiration, and above all obedience to Jesus.


4 thoughts on “About SharpenHer.com

  1. Hello Tricia!
    I came across your site via a Twitter tweet by Jeff Toomer,site pastor and husband to Laryssa Toomer. I’ve enjoyed reading so far and you sound like you are quite a funny lady who loves God with all your heart. Blessings and prosperity in abundance to you as you continue touching the hearts of many. Looking forward to following and reading future articles/posts.

    God bless,
    Living Simply In Abundance


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