Don’t Be A Knucklehead

Do you know what I’ve learned in life? Preparation is the key to success. In everything.

  • Better grades come when I’ve studied.
  • Parties go smoother when I’ve thought through the details in advance.
  • My cars last longer when I keep the engine maintained.
  • Money stretches farther when I have a spending plan.
  • Afternoons at home are less stressful when I’ve created a dinner menu and have meals ready.
  • I respond to life better when I’ve consistently spent time learning from Jesus.

The same is true in our spiritual lives. If we are spiritually prepared, success will be ours.

  • Knowing scripture helps us overcome temptation.
  • Knowing scripture helps us understand God and His ways.
  • Knowing scripture helps us not fall for the enemy’s tricks.
  • Knowing scripture gives us hope.
  • Knowing scripture helps us know the difference between false prophets and God.

Whatever you are facing today or even in this season of your life, be prepared. God’s Word is full of wisdom and encouragement to guide your every decision. Don’t be one of those knuckleheads who try to figure things out without reading the instructions!


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