It’s 23 days away….

easterIt seems like we just counted down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, and Easter is already upon us! Geez, times really flies. But, I don’t want Easter to fly by; I want to savor the meaning of the holiday and build memories with my family. So I turned to my best ally: Pinterest.

The other evening I surfed and pinned all kinds of Easter frivolity: inspirational quotes for the handy-dandy chalkboard that sits outside my front door, table center pieces that welcome spring, and recipes that will fill us up.

I’ll be honest. I surfed way too long. I got sucked into the Pinterest vortex and hours – literal hours – passed by. Don’t tell my husband. He probably thinks I was being super productive, but alas, I was mesmerized by the insane creativity of other pinners.

I scored several ideas, and I’ve already been to the store to purchase some fun decor. A teal wooden cross now hangs on my front door, a huge dough bowl of these oversized eggs in multiple colors now adds some Easter fun to my dining room table, and a wire basket of theses speckled, foam eggs  sits in my foyer.

Better still, I discovered Bunny Bait which I will surely make, and I wrote out my Easter menu. Our extended family will be with us, we’ll have an egg hunt for the littles, and we’ll enjoy the afternoon together…..on Saturday the 26th.

I know you’re probably wondering if some weird thing happened in this Leap Year causing Easter to fall on a Saturday. Nope. Our family is simply celebrating a day early so that we can all attend church on Sunday without have to rush home to prepare a meal. Less stress = happy people.

So those are my plans. What about you? Do you have a favorite go-to Easter recipe or decorating tip? Don’t let life fly by and miss celebrating this incredible holiday! Hop to it! (See what I did there? Some of you will get that one later.)


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