Two Simple Steps to Avoid This Age-Old Problem

facepalmI love shopping at Whole Foods. I was just there last night getting a few items that aren’t available at my local stores. Whole Foods offers some unique and healthful items, but not everything is what it seems. Recently, Whole Foods was in the news for selling items at a high price that aren’t worth it. Prime example: asparagus water. Selling for a whopping $5.99/jar, asparagus water is literally 4 sticks of asparagus soaking in a jar of plain water. People have expressed outrage all over America for the ludicrous cost and the proof that people were buying items at a high cost which were, in fact, worthless.

Has anything ever cost you a lot but proved worthless in the end? I can think of tons of examples: buying items to bring temporary joy, filling schedules with activities to bring a sense of significance or achievement, or saying yes to every opportunity in order to please other people. Yet, these actions often result in feelings of anxiety over money woes, exhaustion, disappointment, or a loss of personal identity.

Have you ever been there? I have. Sometimes our decisions can cost us a lot but give us nothing in return.

It’s not a new experience, though. I’ve been reading through each of Paul’s letters in the New Testament, and it seems the Corinthians bought some proverbial asparagus water, too.  Paul explained that the false prophets in Corinth had charged high prices for their preaching, yet Paul had preached the Good News for free. He even asked, “Did I do wrong when I humbled myself and honored you by preaching God’s Good News to you without expecting anything in return?” (2 Cor 11:7 NLT). The Corinthians were probably a lot like you and me. They figured if it cost more it must be more valuable, and so they fell for the age-old marketing trick: a high price conveys worth. Spoiler alert: In the end, the Christians in Corinth recognized the false teachers as such, and they returned to the truth of Paul’s teaching. No word, however, on whether they got a refund on the bogus preaching.

Want to know how to avoid getting duped by pleasant-sounding people and opportunities? Pray for eyes to see and hears to hear God. (Prov 20:12)

  • Pray for eyes to see life’s circumstances and decisions the way God sees them. Don’t make decisions or confront situations without first seeing them through God’s lenses.
  • Pray for ears to hear God’s voice louder than all the false voices yelling at us. Don’t listen to the wrong voice and discover you’ve cost yourself time and heartache.

Our decisions don’t have to come at a high cost and give us nothing in return. We can avoid the d’oh! moments of life. Our lives – every decision, activity, and relationship – can be full of worth and value if we first filter them through God’s standards. 




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