Do You Want My Honest Opinion?

honest_opinionWould you like to know one thing I’ve learned after 20 years in ministry? People get defensive easily. And often. Most people bristle when offered unwarranted advice, and they certainly get angry when confronted about some disagreeable act. I’m no different. All is takes is my husband having a different opinion than me, and I’m all abuzz. The bottom line is most of us aren’t very teachable. Oh, we can learn a new social media app or some new fangled math, but we often lack a teachable spirit. What I mean is, we don’t handle it very well when someone calls us out. Rather than assessing the situation and making changes for the better, we usually defend our actions and act incredulously that someone would dare poke their nose in our business.

Are you relating at all?

The apostle Paul held his Christian friends accountable in lots of areas and they were better for it. Because of Paul’s encouragement and admonishment, Christians in Galatia, Corinth, Ephesus, Thessalonica, and many other New Testament cities returned to their faith when they strayed. They could have balked and been overly sensitive. I’m sure some responded poorly, but the Bible records that many of them were, in fact, teachable. They shelved their pride and make adjustments in their lives to become more like Jesus.

Let me ask you: do you have someone in your life who can ask you the tough questions? Someone who can encourage you to keep running the race? Someone who can call you out when you are straying off the path? More importantly, are you teachable? Do you become defensive, or do you listen and make changes?

Today, let’s be teachable. Let’s shelve our pride and allow a trusted friend to challenge us from time to time. Remember, our goal is to become more like Jesus, not stay like we are!


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