Toes In the Sand and other daydreams today…

beachI’m staring at light snow flurries outside my bedroom window, but nothing fun will come of it. No accumulation. No sledding. No school snow day. No excuse to cancel my calendar events and drink hot chocolate. Nope. Just a few light flurries with gray skies and cold temperatures, but then this weather system will pass. Seems like kind of a letdown.

Let me be clear: I enjoy all four seasons. I like the new birth of spring. I welcome the cooler temps and beautiful colors of fall. I enjoy bundling up in cute scarves and boots in the winter. But, for me, there ain’t nothin’ like summer.

Hot temps. Long days. Poolside afternoons. Grilling out. Vacations. Bike rides. The smell of freshly cut grass. Car rides with the sun roof open. Flip flops. 

Oh, yes, I’m a summer girl.

Even now as I stare at the snow swirling outside, I’m daydreaming about a rented chair on the beach with Jimmy Buffet playing in my earbuds.

So I’m planning my summer vacay now, and I’d like some suggestions. Which is your favorite beach for a summer vacation? Destin? Orange Beach? Something further south? 

If you have a recommendation for a resort/condo/beach, I’m all ears! Let’s do a little daydreaming about warmer weather!



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