The Only Thing That Matters Today….


Ok, that’s not exactly true. There are, in fact, many other vastly more important issues in my life and in the world today, but I live in the great state of Alabama and am a die-hard fan of the Crimson Tide. Since we play for the National Championship tonight, everyone around me is going nuts…including me.

So, my Alabama “A” wreath is on the front door, and my family is decked out in Bama apparel. More importantly, the DVR is set to record the main event so we can watch it 42 more times when it’s over (trust me, I know this will happen because I live with Shawn Lovejoy who re-watches EVERY Bama game win or lose many, many times). 

If you are a Clemson fan, save your trash-talk. I have much respect for what your team has accomplished, and it’s been fun watching you celebrate an amazing season. But, when our teams meet on the field, I’ll be rooting for your fast demise. Just sayin’.



One thought on “The Only Thing That Matters Today….

  1. As an Alabama native (Huntsville) who now lives in Middle Georgia, I understand the specialness of this day. While I will be pulling for the great Crimson Tide to win, my husband is pulling for Clemson. We may be watching in separate rooms but watch we must. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!(Upon my birth I declare the Crimson Tide as my team.)


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