Diving Back In

I love this blog. It has been a place for me to journal the things I feel God whispering to me about life, family, and leadership. Yet the past year of my life required much of my attention (read: said goodbye to the church we planted 16 years ago, moved to a new state, and started a new ministry), and I focused all of my energy in other places. I could have written daily posts about all that I’ve done over the past 12 months….all of the emotions I’ve felt….all of the blessings that have landed in my lap….all of the incredible ways I felt God leading my family….but, somehow I didn’t want to. In some ways I was too busy living life to write about it.

But a new year seems as good a time as any to jump back in with both feet! I feel God beginning to stir a passion to write about life and leadership again, and I’m eager to hear what He says to me. As I hear from Him, I’ll share with you.  I’ll talk to you about our new ministry, the coaching I’m offering to Pastors’ wives, our new life in sweet home Alabama, what I’m learning in Scripture, and the inane shenanigans I find myself in daily (like moon-walking better than my daughter or being asked to the local high school Sadie dance by an 11th grader….apparently, I still got it.) I’m inviting you into my world (again), and I hope to peek into yours, as well. So, talk to me! Comment on the posts or drop me an email from time to time. I enjoy connecting with you!

In the meantime, I’m off to assess the state of my pantry. School starts back tomorrow, and our lunch boxes might be packed with hummus and a crouton if I don’t take action.




6 thoughts on “Diving Back In

  1. Jaime says:

    I love your blog! Though we never met, my family and I began attending Mountain Lake last spring (shortly after we moved to Cumming), we still attend even though you are gone and continue to love it! I love your blog so I was happy to see this in my inbox today! Since the new year, I’ve decided to begin each day writing 3 things I’m grateful for and 1 really great thing that has happened (to me, a family member, or just in general) within the past 24 hours. I’m not big into writing or keeping a journal but felt this was a start and a great way to start the day-counting my blessings that I so often take for granted. Looking forward to more of your posts!


    • Jaime, that sounds like a great plan. I’m sure you will notice things for which you are grateful more now than ever! So glad you are continuing to enjoy MLC, too. Keep serving and leading!


  2. Ginny Davis says:

    I have missed your blog but mostly I have missed seeing your face! I am so happy that you all are settling into your new life in AL. Much love and well wishes for 2016 my friend!


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