I’ve Had This Conversation Hundreds Of Times

In 20 years of ministry I’ve had the conversation hundreds of times. Maybe more.

You know the one. The one in which someone says they are too busy to read the bible. Or they don’t understand it. Or they admit they hit the snooze button on the alarm clock and run out of time.

We are all guilty of it, right? Who among us hasn’t employed those excuses? Even the most righteous struggle in this area from time to time. Trust me. Life in our culture is too busy – too distracting – and, we’d rather get on with our day than to be still with God.

Yet, God is always faithful to speak through His Word when we crack open the Bible and dive in. Sometimes He teaches us something about His character. Other times His words put courage in our hearts. He guides us, directs us, inspires us, and corrects us through those words. He moves us, empowers us, and reminds us of Who He is….and who we are.

Which reminds me of another conversation I’ve had hundreds of times. Maybe more.

The one in which someone expresses their shock over how beneficial a few quiet moments with God can be.

“Wow. That verse was exactly what I needed today.”

“I feel so much better about my day because I started it with God.”

“God used those verses to comfort me in my lowest moments.”

“I needed an answer, and God spoke clearly this morning.”

It’s true. All of us, including myself, are often amazed at how practical and relevant Scripture is, and we are surprised when God chooses to weave His Word and our experiences together to be loud in our lives.

You’d think those kinds of experiences with God would keep us coming back for more. You’d think that getting a taste of wisdom or comfort or inspiration would develop a craving to spend more time with God.

But, then again, we are easily distracted.

We are busy.

And so we settle for whatever news or agenda or soundbite that is thrown in front of us. We allow our spirit to be informed by the covers of magazines or the headlines. We allow culture to dictate what we think about right and wrong…about good and evil.

Rather than feasting on Truth, we devour trash.

Friends, we don’t have to settle for that. We can feast! We can be inspired to make wise decisions. We can learn Who God is and how He relates to His people. We can learn how to overcome temptation. We can learn how to love our enemy. We can receive comfort in unexplainable ways. Peace can flood our minds. Self-worth can sky-rocket. Spiritual growth can explode.

Each morning.

In a few quiet moments.

With God.

Today, toss the trash and enjoy a feast. Do it tomorrow, too. You’ll never regret spending time with the One who loves you. What will you choose today?

“A wise person is hungry for knowledge while the fool feeds on trash.” Proverbs 15:14



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