Pinterest Paid Off

My middle child, Madison, turned 12 years old this month, and since she has been the recipient of far too many hand-me-downs from her older sister, I decided to surprise her with a birthday bedroom makeover. We sold all of her furniture (thanks to online yard sale sites on Facebook!) and designed a fresh, more mature environment for her to enjoy. Can I just say, I had a blast?!

She chose gray, navy, white, and a pop of chartreuse for her color scheme, and I began hunting for bargains. I found an upholstered headboard on clearance, chests on sale to use as nightstands, bargain bedding (with a bonus coupon discount), and a stunning chest of drawers for free (thanks to a major find in my in-laws’ garage). Toss in a few knick-knacks for style, and her room was a wrap.

But, I haven’t mentioned my favorite part. Madison wanted a full length mirror, but I didn’t want something too typical. I wanted barn wood. I wanted big. I wanted a bit of color. So, I did what any woman would do: I searched Pinterest. And let me tell you, Pinterest paid off! I found a pin about weathering new wood to create an older look. The lumber cost $15, I had all the paint I needed, and I grabbed a set of Christmas lights from the attic. This first picture shows the wood after I had painted and sanded it.


This one shows the completed project. The lighting is poor, but you get the idea:


Apparently, all those hours surfing on Pinterest in bed late at night really do pay off….which is shocking since I have hundreds of pins I have never actually put to use.

So this project can get marked off of my to-do list, and I have one very happy 12-year-old!

Do you guys have a Pinterest pin that really paid off? 



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