Bedroom Confessions

This past weekend I helped my hubby close out a teaching series at Mountain Lake Church called Bedroom Confessions. For 4 weeks we have been learning about God’s plan for singleness, marriage, and sex. God does have a plan for this area of our lives, although many churches remain silent on the subject. Yet, the world glamorizes its view of sex in every way! We are bombarded by commercials using sex to sell everything from hamburgers to cars; television shows portray individuals who treat sexual intimacy in a flippant way; and society encourages us to use our sexuality to build our own esteem. And while the world has been loud, the church has been far too quiet. But, God has never been mute. He has a plan, and His way is always best. We simply need to know the plan! So here’s a brief overview of what we’ve discussed during this teaching series:

Week 1: Bedroom Confession #1: “I’m not getting it” and by IT, we meant “needs” as in, “I’m not getting my needs met!”Although many of us might feel this way, we learned to seek to meet needs before seeking to have needs met. Ask yourself questions like, “Have I truly listened to my spouse today?” Or, “How can I be a better friend to my spouse today?”

Bedroom Confession #2: “I’m doing it my way.” Our tendency is to pick and choose which bible verses we want to obey, and in so doing we adopt our own guard rails for this are of our lives. Yet operating outside God’s guard rails always does damage to our relationships. Operating inside God’s guardrails is the path to safety and health!

Bedroom Confession #3: “I want to quit” Loving each other with God’s kind of love means never giving up, always persevering, and therefore never-failing.

For the last week of the series, we unveiled Bedroom Confession #4: “I still have so many questions” Over the last several weeks, Mountain Lakers have anonymously submitted questions for Shawn and me to answer, and let me tell you….there were some doozy’s! We were able to separate the hundreds of questions into 6 major categories, and Shawn and I based our answers on what God says in Scripture. It’s critical that we don’t determine our beliefs or actions based on what we FEEL or what the culture around us is saying, but that we ALWAYS use God’s Word as our standard.

Here were our 6 questions:

1. When should we talk to our kids about the birds and the bees?

2. What are the boundaries inside marriage? What’s ok? What’s not ok?

3. What are the boundaries outside marriage? What is we really love each other? What about living together before we get married?

4. How honest should I be in my marriage? About my needs? About my feelings? About my past indiscretions?

5. I’m tired at the end of the day. How do we make space for intimacy?

6. How can I forgive myself? How can I forgive them?

Intrigued? Watch Bedroom Confessions for yourself to hear our answers! God is not silent regarding our marriages…..and neither were we!



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