Sirens Aren’t Coming To The Rescue

My hubby and I were parked in a empty parking lot in an unusually quiet part of Atlanta when we heard it – the familiar and sickening sound of car tires screeching on asphalt. We whipped our heads around in time to witness two cars collide with heart stopping force. Time slowed as I saw one car careen into another. For some reason I felt the need to provide commentary as we sat frozen. 

“Oh my gosh, that is a horrible wreck!”

“Umm, the second car is rolling. Wait, the driver is bailing out of the car….the car is still rolling!”

“Shawn! She is crawling across the street! She’s hurt!”

Shawn got into motion before I did, and before I knew it, we were both running full speed to the scene. An elderly man had been driving the SUV that hit the lady. He sat frozen in his car. Stunned. In shock. Thankfully, Shawn and I weren’t the only ones on the scene, and 2 other men began helping him.

As Shawn began directing traffic to avoid another accident, I tended to the woman who had rolled out of her moving vehicle. Her car had rolled to an embankment and died. Both air bags had deployed and glass was everywhere. I couldn’t find any immediate injuries, but blood was on her face which was rapidly swelling. She was so thoroughly stunned that she had trouble speaking. 

Then I heard another sound. This one was familiar, as well. The sound of someone praying. Another lady had arrived on the scene and had begun praying aloud over our friend on the ground.

“Do you hear that,” I asked the hurt lady? “People are praying for you right now.” She nodded her head. 

As I asked the injured lady who she needed us to call, I could hear the prayer warrior asking God to heal and comfort. I reached up and squeezed the praying woman’s hand in thanks. 

All of us together kept traffic at bay and took care of both victims until we heard another familiar sound – sirens. Thankfully, an ambulance arrived within 10 minutes and offered much better help than we could. But, the sound of those sirens….they brought hope and comfort.

My ears were full of sounds. Some brought pain and destruction. Others brought hope and healing. Although my experience was quite literal that day, my ears are full of metaphorical sounds every day. Sounds of friends in need. Sounds of my family in need. Sounds of my church in need. Sounds of a neighbor in need. I won’t hear sirens coming to the rescue in any of those situations. I am the rescue. God has equipped me to do His work. He has tasked me all of us with that responsibility. What’s more, it is our privilege to be the rescue. Check out Proverb 20:12: 

“Ears to hear and eyes to see – both are gifts from the Lord.”

When God gives you the gift to see someone’s hurt or hear their need, be Jesus with flesh on. Love. Serve. Give. Christ in you is the help they need.





4 thoughts on “Sirens Aren’t Coming To The Rescue

  1. Jackie Tew says:

    Thank you Tricia for sharing. You and Shawn are so amazing and I’m so blessed to call you both my pastors!! Much love to you both!


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