Gas Pedal or Brake?

carWow. It’s been a while since posted here at SharpenHer. Life has been full of vacations and deadlines and to-do lists and family commitments. My days have begun early and ended late, and my brain has been cluttered with details that need attention. Do you have seasons like that? I bet you do. We all do.

I’ll be honest. I’m a “do it all” kind of person. I can manage our household, balance the budget, and help my 5th grader tackle a science project. I can help my 3rd grader review for a test, teach at church, and shop (endlessly) for just the right shorts for my 9th grader. I can counsel a friend and stick to an exercise routine. I can pressure wash the back patio and replace the kickstand on my son’s bike. If it needs to be done, I can do it.

But I know I have limits. We all do. Even those among us who have the zeal of the Energizer Bunny. Learning when to push ahead and when to apply the brakes in life is one of the most critical lessons I’ve ever embraced. Over the last few weeks, I’ve needed to apply the brakes in some areas in order to push ahead in others. The myth of balance (the idea that I can be all things to all people at all times) is something I gave up long, long ago. Instead, I’ve learned that seasons will come when certain segments of my life will require more of my focus….sometimes intense focus. When those moments come, I respond.

Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities or demands? Maybe you need to let go of the myth of balance, too. Accept that busy seasons come. Make a plan to navigate all the demands….and make a plan to rest when the busy season ends. Those segments of time should have a definite end and should be followed by a time of refreshment.  If you don’t see an end in sight, that is an indication that you’ve allowed your schedule to run your life. Your goal, however, should be to run your schedule.

While I’m focusing on demands that require more of my focus, I’m listening to what God is saying to my heart so I can share more lessons and encouragement with all of you. Before long, I’ll be back in full swing around here! Until then, stay sharp, my friends!



One thought on “Gas Pedal or Brake?

  1. Thanks Tricia, Im a do it all person myself and so needed to hear this today. Sometimes I let my schedule pull me in all directions that i don’t even know which way is up. I’ve got to learn to slow down and take charge of my schedule and not let it control me. Thank you for taking the time to share your insightful lessons and I will continue to move forward always giving an open ear to our Lord. God bless you


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