The Things I Learn At Starbucks

A friend and I were at Starbucks talking about….well, things friends talk about. We covered a whole host of topics – God, marriage, relationship, you name it, we covered it. At times, we listened and empathized. Other times, we offered each other wisdom and advice. I left energized with new ideas and a new motivation to tackle my agenda.

We all have areas of our lives that we wish we were better at, more adept at managing. All of us have areas of our lives – public and private – that we could simply improve. From friendship to parenting and from spiritual growth to personal integrity, we can all agree that life sometimes gets the best of us causing us to recognize our needs for improvement.

I think many of us have great intentions of making our lives better, but the routine of daily life robs us of our focus on the BIGGER picture, so we’re left doing the same old thing day in and day out. Sound Familiar?

But something happens at Starbucks when I meet a friend. 

When I spend time with someone who is walking the same road I am in life, I am gain insight and ideas to challenge myself. When I let someone else know what I’m thinking and what’s testing me, I’m much more likely to take action steps. Gaining insight and admitting my weaknesses brings about growth….change!

Would you like a Starbucks moment with a friend? I’ll save you the trip. Join us at Mountain Lake Church this Thursday for Band of Brothers (7AM for the guys) and Girlfriends (7PM, you guessed it, for the ladies). We’ll connect, create friendships, hear what God has to say about issues we’re facing, and most importantly, learn how to make beneficial changes in our lives.


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