I Want To Learn From You

Everyone is good at something. Probably several somethings. We all have talents or abilities that add value to us, to our families, or to the people with whom we work, and I believe we can learn from each other.

I spend time on a regular basis with other women who are in ministry leadership, and I am always interested in what they are good at doing. How do they love and encourage their ministry teams? How do they involve their families in ministry? If they lead a women’s ministry, what is it like? What are some ways they disciple others? What is one good thing they’ve implemented into their life? You see, I figure I might be able to apply their good ideas to my life and reap tons of benefits.

Maybe you are the go-to person at work when an event is being planned. Maybe you have a special way of inspiring the troops. Or maybe you have created a fool-proof plan for coordinating the activities for your family members. Maybe you have a creative way for investing into others or maybe you are the bomb-diggity at running a financial budget.

What are you good at doing? What could I learn from you? 

  • If you are in ministry, what are 2 or 3 ways you invest into your ministry team? If you are a pastor’s wife, what are a few of the best things you do in that role?
  • If you are a stay at home mom, what have you mastered? What are a few of the best things you do to add value to your family?
  • If you are in the paid workforce, think about your contribution to your fellow employees. What sets you apart? What are a few things that help others?

Think about your life, your abilities, your daily tasks. What do you do that others might learn from? What could you learn from them? Proverbs 18:15 says, “Intelligent people are always ready to learn. Their ears are open for knowledge.”

I’ll go first. In my role as a pastor’s wife, I write an email newsletter for the women on our ministry team each month. In it I share a devotional thought/leadership challenge, upcoming events, and a few fun tidbits. This monthly communication allows me to build a sense of unity on our team, as well as to encourage and celebrate them.

Here’s one more: in my role as a mom, I use Google Calendar to coordinate the schedules for my family of 5. We all share our calendars with one another so we can view daily agendas and avoid double booking ourselves. Being able to view my husband’s calendar before I book appointments (or for his assistant to view my calendar before she books appointments for my husband) helps us avoid blunders.

Now, it’s your turn! What are a few things you do well? In leadership? In parenting? In relationships? In budgeting? In planning? Let’s learn from each other today!



2 thoughts on “I Want To Learn From You

  1. As a pastor, I use a women’s facebook page for our gals and upload a daily encouraging picture… and blogs to the site. I lead various ministry leaders groups to encourage my ladies and keep in touch through all media outlets and the phone…. but I think keeping a God attitude and perspective of myself in everyday life things whether ministry or at home have helped me the most…
    to be faithful give whatever is in my hand right now and not worry about the reach… or about the effect I think I should be having…. It can be very challenging to give out what I have. I fight a battle of feeling like what I am giving is really reaching their hearts. Honestly it is the battle of insecurity. I know people are listening but I feel the enemy trying to take away my influence… not by making me inefective, but by making me stop trying. So standing up everyday and pushing past the “I Can’t” feeling is what I am learning to master.


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