Lessons From 5th Grade….and other world impacting news

homeworkHomework. It’s a foul word around here. My kids don’t like it, and to be honest, neither do I.

That is until last night.

Madison, my fifth grader, was putting the final touches on a speech she was assigned. The topic? “How My Passion Impacts The World.” Check it out:

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Those are the words of a famous baseball player, Jackie Robinson. He was important because he changed the way people thought about African-Americans. He was passionate about baseball and people.

I am passionate about serving at my church. That is my passion! Serving at my church will impact the world in three ways: belonging, becoming, and blessing.

My passion can impact the world by helping little kids, teenagers, or even adults belong – belong in healthy relationships at church. One lady said that the moment she walked in the door of our church she knew she was truly home. She said she came alive at this church and so did her family. She said she was overwhelmed to call a place home where anyone can come as they are and be embraced. She knows the church is a place she can belong. I can also tell you about a little boy I assist during church services. He has Down’s Syndrome. When he first came to church, I noticed he didn’t smile, and he seemed shy and kept to himself. I began playing games with him and smiling at him while I was on stage with the worship team.Now, he smiles back and has fun. I can tell he likes coming to church. He feels like he belongs there. 

Another way my passion impacts the world is by helping people become closer to God. It can help them give more to the church, the community, and the world. Another way my passion impacts the world is by helping people become closer to God.

The most important way serving at my church impacts the world happens after people discover that they belong in relationships and then become more like God. Then, they begin blessing others. Not just in the church. Not just in the community. But in the world. They help and serve and love.

Belonging, becoming, and blessing. These are three ways my passion impacts the world, and my passions is serving in my church. 

Ok, I didn’t help Madison write that little diddy, so I was impressed with her speech, and I wanted to share it!

If a 5th grader can understand how her passion could impact a watching world, what about you and me? Do we understand the influence we have? Do we leverage it? Good food for thought today, my friends.


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