My Plan to Love My Family

1027So my last few posts have been all about making plans – plans to turn our good intentions into our best successes – in 4 major areas of life:

Personal Growth
Leading/Supporting My Family
Using the Gifts God Gave Me
Building Community

All of us want to know we’re doing the best we can in these areas, right? We want to love our families well, be a blessing to the world around us, and enjoy good friendships, right? RIGHT! But, life gets in the way sometimes. It looks something like this:

We fall behind on daily tasks and find ourselves working late into the evening trying to catch up….ignoring our family in the process.

We focus our energy on our own agendas for so long until one day we realize that we don’t have a close friend in our lives. We’re alone.


We have great ideas of helping a friend in need or serving in some capacity at church, but we don’t have the time!

Life gets in the way! We get busy. We get overwhelmed. Then, we feel defeated….as if we are disappointing others or ourselves.

There is a solution! Our lives don’t have to run us! We can run our lives! So, I’m sharing a few specific details of how I shoot for success in these 4 key areas. Today, I’m sharing the details of my plan to lead and support my family.

1. Family Night: One night each week is dedicated to my family hanging out together. No appointment, meeting, or social activity gets in the way. We don’t want “distance decay” to rob us of intimacy, so we protect our time together. Watching movies, playing game, going out to eat…..simple time together is a win!

2. Discipleship: We don’t have traditional family devotions. (Shocking, isn’t it?) Teaching our kids about God’s love is extremely important to us, though. We make use of drive-time to teach bible verses, we help our kids to set goals and evaluate their spiritual growth, we engage in Bible reading plans, and we talk openly about the social situations the kids encounter and how what pleases God.

3. Encouraging my husband: The best marital advice I ever received was this: Make your spouse’s interests your own. In other words, get involved in their lives. Some ways I support and encourage my hubby include being beside him for all 4 of our worship services at Mountain Lake Church, complimenting him and his accomplishments, never speaking in a negative way about him to others, and developing a love for football (his all-time favorite subject). If he makes a move, I make it with him. To my great pleasure, he does the same for me.

4. Nurturing My Marriage: Marriage takes effort. Focused effort. We plan weekly dates, we have a weekly meeting to discuss family matters/calendar issues, and we have a plan to resolve conflictWe’ve also agreed together to turn off our cell phones and limit social media in the evenings. If we aren’t careful, we’ll focus our attention on the world instead of each other! 

5. Chores/appointments/errands/financial planning: Ahhh, the never-ending to-do list. Here’s my plan in a nutshell.

  • Laundry is a daily chore. If not, it piles up in overwhelming stacks. I also vacuum and wipe down the kitchen counters daily.
  • Bed sheets are washed and the kids clean their rooms each Saturday.
  • Dusting, washing towels/rugs, and cleaning the bathrooms happen weekly while the kids are at school.
  • Appointments are only scheduled Tuesday-Thursday, as are grocery shopping and other errands.
  • Receipts are posted to our family budget every other day, if not every day. Monthly, I balance our bank statements and our family budget.

There you have it. My plan to lead/support my family. Life doesn’t get in the way of these things. Instead, life is planned around these things.

What about you? Do you have a plan for your marriage and family? I’d love your feedback and suggestions!




3 thoughts on “My Plan to Love My Family

  1. cesarsgirl says:

    Tricia, thanks for sharing your thoughts. As a minister’s wife, how do you define “appointments”? Dentist, doctor, hair, etc? Or meeting with women for mentoring times, etc? Thanks! I’m trying to figure out the best use of my time as well.


    • Rachel, “appointments” under this category (Leading/Supporting My Family) definitely refers to doctors, dentists, hair, or errands for my family. In my next post, I’ll cover Using My Gifts and describe my plan for ministry and using my talents. My final post in the series will be on Building Community, which will cover investing in friendship and mentoring others! Glad the posts have inspired you!


      • cesarsgirl says:

        Thank you! I ready Using My Gifts today. It was very helpful. I’m sitting down today for a personal spiritual retreat to go over my schedule and pray for God’s leading. I look forward to reading your next post.


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