My Top Ten

Last September I wrote this post about planning the activities of our lives. My goal? To encourage us to make the best use of our time! We should run our lives – our lives shouldn’t run us – and making a plan can help bring success to our intentions. After I posted the blog, a friend requested more specifics on the plans I make for my own activities. In short she asked for my top ten – ten areas I focus on in daily life for success in family, faith, work, and relationships.

Uh, easier said than done.

Categorizing my activities took a little thinking. Nevertheless, I’m most satisfied when I’m accomplishing significant things, so determining what those significant things are is important! I took a few minutes to write down the overarching categories that really matter in my life.

Personal Growth

Leading/Supporting my family

Using the gifts God gave me

Building Community

Then, on a separate page I listed my activities in a typical week. I discovered everything I do falls into one of those overarching categories: 

Personal Growth:

1. Time with God

2. Time for margin and rest

3. Time for fitness

Leading/Supporting my family:

4. Time with Shawn

5. Time with my kids

6. Time for errand/appointments/chores/financial planning

Using the gifts God gave me:

7. Time for ministry

8. Time for writing

Building Community

9. Time for friends

10. Time to invest into others/mentoring

Alas, there are 10 – count them, 10 – areas in which I spend my time. I guess you could call them my Top Ten. By focusing on these 10 areas, my good intentions become my best successes. Of course, I don’t spend equal time in each area. Some get an hour each month, while others get daily attention.

Here’s the bottom line: Life is FULL of distractions and interruptions, sometimes leaving us at the mercy of whatever is most urgent, but with the help of a plan we can make our lives count!

What about you? What are the overarching areas of life that are most important to you? In other words, where do you spend your time? And do you have a Top Ten?



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