And The Award Goes To….

Mountain Lake Church has some of the most dedicated, loyal, faithful, and hard-working volunteers I’ve ever encountered. I have a front row seat, of sorts, to see them in action – in guest services, in our food pantry, teaching children or students, in worship arts, in facilities maintenance, or in office work. They serve out of their love for God and people, and it shows. Time and time again I’ve heard guests declare our church to be the friendliest place they’ve ever been. SCORE!

Our volunteers are leaving quite a legacy for the people who come behind – one of generosity and sacrifice; one of compassion and honor; one of faith and stewardship.

My husband and I are so very humbled to serve a church of people like that. That’s why my hubby has instituted a way to cheer on the people who lead the way in service: the Mountain Lake Church Legacy Award. Each year, we’ll give the award to a person/couple who has embodied the mission of our church and the heart of God.

The inaugural MLC Legacy Award could go to none other than Jim and Sharon Galpin, dear friends of ours who have been faithful Mountain Lakers since the beginning. God brought them to us in the early days before we even began weekly church services. Jim supervised set up/take down of our temporary facility for 4 long years. Sharon has served on the Finance Team, giving sound wisdom and advice, for 13 years. Together, they have served in Student Ministry, Life Groups, Financial Peace, and countless other areas that many will never know of. They have financially sacrificed to see God’s purposes carried out here at MLC, and they have prayed for our church (and personally for my husband and me) faithfully. They have supported, befriended, and loved well. Their loyalty and faithfulness is a model for us all.

And, so the 2014 MLC Legacy Award goes to…..

Jim and Sharon Galpin for your unwavering commitment and sacrifice for the mission that God has given Mountain Lake Church.  

Thanks, Jim and Sharon, for your friendship and faithfulness. I love you both, and our church is better because of you. May we all follow in your footsteps and model such love for God and His Kingdom!



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