Merry Christmas!

The older I get, the faster each year seems to slip past. Long gone are the days of my youth that stretched out….long and lazy. I can remember playing in my neighborhood from morning till sundown and feeling the day would never end. I can remember semesters of school that dragged on forever. I can remember, too, loooonnnggggg months of December as I anticipated Christmas morning and all the presents I would get to unwrap.

These days, my life is much more of a blur. I never find myself wishing time away or feeling bored. Instead, I play a version of “beat the clock” as I try to accomplish all the tasks of my day. Apparently, adulthood brings tons of responsibility. Family and ministry demand my attention and fill my agenda. They say time flies when you’re busy. They’re right.

Yep, the older I get, the faster time flies. But, I don’t want to miss special moments along the way. I don’t want to be so consumed with details that I fail to revel in the lingering hug of my little boy. Or the car ride conversations with my teen. Or the wonder of my daughter’s positive personality. I don’t want to accomplish tons each year, but fail to build intimacy with my husband. I don’t want to check items off my to-do list, but miss quiet moments on the couch with my family.

That’s why I’m relishing today. Christmas. The hustle and bustle is over for me. Today, we’ll worship God as a family….early in the morning…..before we open any gifts. Then, I’ll sit back and watch. Watch my kids unwrap gifts that I hope they’ll love. I’m longing to hear gratitude in their reactions. That would be a fantastic gift to me. Today, we’ll travel to Alabama to visit family, and I’ll spend time with some wonderful, very loved people. Today, I’ll laugh and pick on my husband. Today, I’ll cuddle with our new puppy. Today, I’ll relax.

Today, I’m hoping, will last a long, long time.

Maybe you are a little like me, and you need to relish the activities of today. I pray you do. Hug your family a little tighter….even if your kids don’t act as appreciatively or politely as you’d like. Relax a little…..even if the dishes have to sit in the sink a bit longer. Soak up the moments of today. But, most importantly, be still long enough to thank our Heavenly Father for the gift of Christmas, of His son, and of His never-ending love.

Merry Christmas, friends, from my family to yours!






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