Believe There Is Good In The World

beI had to make a dreaded grocery run after church. My Life Group meets on Sunday afternoons, and we planned to celebrate a Christmas party, which meant I needed to take food. So, as much as I hate the weekend crowds at Walmart, I went. To ease the pain, I took my favorite little buddy, my son Paul. At least he was my favorite buddy until he did this:

photo 1

When I walked out of the store this is how I found my van. Shocking. The door was wide open. Paul apparently thought I closed the door with my keyless remote. I, in turn, assumed he had closed it. I quickened my pace to reach the van as I began making a mental list of all the valuables inside. My heart sank to the bottom of my super cute platform heels as I imagined a stolen purse and laptop. But, this is what I discovered, instead:

photo 2

Yep. There sits my yellow purse with my wallet on top in full view. And, on the seat sits Paul’s iPhone. My laptop bag was safe, as well. Nothing bad had happened! Not one item was taken! A hungry bird had not even taken an opportunity to chow down on that lovely slice of pizza on the seat. Whew! My heart came soaring back up as I declared to Paul that he would be allowed to live after all….and that God’s angels must have been protecting our car while we shopped.

So, what did we learn? 

1. Close your car doors when you go shopping. It just makes good sense.

2. Don’t leave valuables in full view to tempt would-be thieves.

3. Threatening the life of your 9-year-old son doesn’t necessarily help a stressful situation.

And, most importantly:

4. There is good in the world. Any number of people could have simply reached in my van and grabbed thousands of dollars worth of goods. They didn’t. On Sunday afternoon, good prevailed.

There is good in the world. Today, choose to be the good.



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