Ice Cream and Discipleship

3969One year ago today, my favorite little boy in the whole world was baptized at Mountain Lake Church. Extended family came to watch, friends cheered him on, and I teared up while I watched my husband lower our son, Paul, into the water.

Today, we’ll celebrate….as we do on the baptism anniversary for each of our kids. Since Paul is 9, we’ll descend on Coldstone Creamery and devour some Peanut Butter Perfection ice cream. While we eat, we’ll talk to Paul about his faith journey. We’ll walk down memory lane and relive Paul’s salvation experience and what it was like being baptized. Then, we’ll ask him what new things he’s learned about God this year. We’ll let Paul do most of the talking…..we’ll simply guide the conversation. Our goal? To help Paul remember why he gave his heart to Jesus and to challenge him to keeping growing spiritually!

As the years go by, we’ll challenge Paul in bigger and more strategic ways, but for now we want to cheer him on, encourage his growth, and celebrate his love for God. Conversations about volunteerism, tithing, and service are in his future, but today our focus will simply be challenging him to read his bible and pray.

Discipleship is a journey….not an overnight accomplishment! Are YOU on the journey? Paul is!



One thought on “Ice Cream and Discipleship

  1. This is a great idea and an awesome way to encourage his faith and growth. I have 3 girls the oldest is just 6 so when the time comes for her to be baptized, I want to celebrate it and honor it like this, and do the same for the other 2 as well. Thank you for sharing this!


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