Meet Lacie

IMG_3815Meet Lacie, the newest Lovejoy. I know, you wish you could reach inside that picture and cuddle that cute face, don’t you? It’s hard to resist. Those puppy eyes get me every time.

We’re dog people here in the Lovejoy castle. But, we’ve been lonely since our beloved Tori passed away this summer. So, over the Thanksgiving break, Shawn and I surprised the kids with Lacie – a full-blooded Lab and a bundle of energy. The kids were expecting a dog for Christmas, so they were shocked when an appointment to pick “something” up resulted in a 1o week old pup.

As with any new puppy, there have been a few mishaps – occasional accidents under the Christmas tree (apparently Lacy enjoys relieving herself in shrubbery….and the Christmas tree fits the bill), random sticks being sneaked into my den and chewed to splinters, and tripping hazards (Lacie is small and dark….hard to see when I’m in a rush). But, mishaps aside, Lacie has already brought such happiness to our family. We’ve laughed at the sight of her toting a shoe twice her size, we’ve relished her snuggles, and we’ve marveled at how smart she already is.

So that’s what is happening in our family right now, which might explain why I’ve had little time to blog lately. I’ll be back soon, I promise. In the meantime, I’m house-breaking Lacie and rolling in the floor to wrestle my husband’s shoes out of her mouth. And, laughing along the way.



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