Musings from the Mix

Oh, I love my church family. Wednesday night we came together for The Mix, our quarterly gathering geared toward fantastic worship, delicious food, and a “state of the church” address from my husband. And, I must say it again, I love my church family.

I roamed the lobbies and hallways hugging necks and sharing laughs with the people who make up Mountain Lake Church….the warm, friendly, humble, God-loving people of our church. Familiar faces who have been with Shawn and me since we started the church and newer ones I’m growing to love just as much. People with stories of pain and hurt, people with stories of healing and strength, people who have walked with God for a long time, people who are just getting to know God for the first time. Lots and lots of people!

Those people brought tons of food for our potluck dinner, and they brought TONS of energy! I could feel it while we worshiped. Hands were raised or clapping, feet were tapping, smiles were contagious, and the singing was LOUD. I tell you, we made a joyful noise Wednesday night! Pastor Todd Nichols and Pastor Alex Workman lead us straight to the throne of God, and it was wonderful.

And, then my hubby spoke. He spoke words of thanks. Thanks for his family who partners with him and loves him well. Thanks for individual friends who have supported him and our ministry. Thanks for the best group of pastors in the world….our MLC ministry team. And, most of all, thanks for the people of our church! Like me, he LOVES our church family. From my front row seat, I could see the emotion in his eyes as he shared his great affection for them, and it was beautiful to watch.

As I reflected on what Shawn was saying, I grew more and more excited about the future of Mountain Lake Church. We have such big plans for 2014 with the launch of not one, not two, but three new campuses! The idea of other groups of people getting to experience what I’ve experienced in our church….well, it fires me up! Shawn and I moved to Cumming 14 years ago and didn’t know a soul. Today, we’re a church of nearly 3000 people! If God could use 2 people 14 years ago, what could he do with 3000 today? Oh, the possibilities to further His Kingdom are endless.

In just two short weeks, we’ll come together as to make some financial commitments to help support these new campuses. If you are a Mountain Laker, these dates are extremely important:

Friday, Dec 6: Leader Kingdom Commitment Dinner (for ministry leaders only; please don’t forget to RSVP!)

Sat/Sun Dec 7 & 8: Church-wide Kingdom Commitment Weekend (we’ll commit offerings over and above our regular tithes)

Sat/Sun Dec 14 & 15: Church-wide Kingdom Giving Weekend (we’ll actually give our financial offerings)

Want to know my favorite part of The Mix? Was it when my own daughter read Scripture from the stage to kick off the night? No. Was it the delicious plate of food waiting for me backstage? No. Was it hearing the inspiring words of my husband? Close second, but no.

It was when a group of people from our newest campus, Mountain Lake Gainesville, stood up to say how grateful they are to be part of Mountain Lake. To have a place to belong in a healthy relationship with God and others. To have a place to become more like Jesus. And to have a place that can equip them to bless their world. A lady said, “We are broken, hurting people. We need this.” That, my friends, was my favorite part. We have a mission. Let’s tell the world about Jesus!

If you are a Mountain Laker, I pray you are listening closely to God. I pray that you, like my husband, are expressing your thanks to God for all He has done here. And, I pray you will continue to link arms with us in ministry….to reach a world who is broken and hurting.


2 thoughts on “Musings from the Mix

  1. Ginny Davis says:

    Amen Tricia! I was beyond blessed when I left MLC that night – newly energized and excited for all that the future holds. Praying for direction and guidance to commit to and fulfill my part in the growth of MLC & God’s kingdom!


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