The Most Refreshing Shower I Ever Had

clean_waterLast week I had the honor of spending time with 450 women who do what I do. Who live a life similar to mine. 

Pastors’ wives and women in ministry.

We met at Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tn, where my friends, Pete and Brandi Wilson, pastor and lead. We sang songs of worship to the One who called our families to serve Him, we prayed for one another to lead well and disciple others, we laughed, we enjoyed fabulous giveaways, and we were equipped by some practical, inspirational speakers. I took notes and pictures and got TONS of ideas for my own ministry. On top of all of that, I enjoyed late night desserts in ritzy restaurants, far too much McDonald’s food, hugs from friends that I only see once a year, and a sense of refreshment that only comes when God breathes new life into my weary soul.

I’m incredibly grateful for refreshment like that. I literally stood in my hotel shower and praised God for all the ways He has seen fit to re-energize me over the last few days. From tidbits of wisdom from other wise women to recognizing the gifts He has given me, I listed them one by one as I stood under that hot water.

I took a long, long shower.

Do you know what I’m tempted to do? I’m tempted to get so busy with the details of my day that I overlook the ways God reveals His love to me….the ways He offers refreshment….the answers He gives to my prayers….the ways He provides for my family…..the unwarranted blessings He gives me. I find it far too easy to get lost in accomplishing my to-do list and ignore the activity of God in my life.

Can I get a witness? Do you sense the same temptation in your own life?

Maybe you are in need of a shower. A long one, like me. Maybe you need to set you to-do list aside, get out of your regular routine, and focus on the activity of God in your life. Maybe you need reminisce over the ways your Heavenly Father provides for you…for your family….for your health….for your spiritual growth….for your emotional well-being…for your creativity and sense of purpose.

Something beautiful happens when we recite the gifts our Lord gives. We are renewed. We understand our worth. We recognize the love the Father has for us. Our gratitude breeds health…emotionally and spiritually.

Ps 9:1-2 I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.

May we, my friends, find time to give thanks and tell of all the marvelous things our God has done. We will be filled with joy when we do.


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