Leading and Loving It

RetreatBanner1If anyone were to ask me what my dream job is, I could honestly answer that I’m living it! I’ve devoted my life to ministry in Jesus’ name, and I am fulfilled, satisfied, and content in how I’ve spent my life. From my early years of service (teaching AWANA’s and participating in a Christian drama club) to these current years of church planting, I have reveled in the experiences, the stories of faith, the fruit of our labor, the changed lives, and the spiritual growth that I’ve seen in others…..and that I’ve personally experienced. I’m living the dream! I’m leading and loving it!

In just a two weeks, I have the opportunity to spend a couple of days with hundreds of other pastors’ wives and women in ministry at the Leading and Loving It Re:Treat who are also living their dreams. We’re going to hang out, encourage each other, swap ideas, make new friends, and be refreshed.  And while we might be living our dream, we still need help along the way.

We need fresh ideas.

We need encouragement to fight the good fight.

We need friendship from other women who relate to our unique lives.

We need to meet with God.

That’s what we’re going to do at our retreat on November 12-14. I’ll also teach one of the breakout sessions, Critical Lessons Learned In Ministry. If you are coming to the retreat, I’d be honored for you to join me as I share a few of the critical crossroads I’ve faced in my years of ministry.

Do you ever take time to “retreat” and be refreshed? To be spurred on the be the best you can be? To engage in relationships that sharpen and refine? YOU CAN! YOU SHOULD! Plan a weekend or just an afternoon with some like-minded friends to make each other better. YOU can lead and love it, too!



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