Don’t Be A Victim: Part 2

0Ok, so it’s week 2 of our latest teaching series at Mountain Lake Church, and it didn’t disappoint! Don’t Be A Victim is all about how to overcome setbacks in life – past sins/failures, old habits, or old ways of thinking – and not become a victim to repeating those mistakes or, worse still, have a victim mentality that assumes the worst about ourselves or others.

I could sum up the entire message from this past weekend and give you my two cents, but I really just want to key in on one point. Something Blake Stanley said painted such a vivid visual in my mind that I keep replaying it in my head. As Blake opened his message, he was having a bit of fun on stage with a few illustrations from old horror movies. You know, crazed monsters and their unsuspecting victims. (Hey, Halloween is nearing….we’re milking it.)

So, anyway, here is what Blake said which held my interest. It was an aside, but I know Blake’s intention. He knew many of us would catch the intended point.

“Why do the victims in horror movies kill the psycho and then lay down their weapon before leaning over the monster to determine if he’s dead!?”

He’s right, isn’t he? Don’t we all yell at the screen, “RUN!!! Don’t get near the monster without a weapon!!” Sure, we do! Then we watch the beautiful blonde get in right in the heart. BAM! Monster wins again.

You know what? We may not be stars in horror movies, but many of us could play the part of the victim. We, too, have slain monsters in our lives, only to lay down our weapon as we approach that which caused us such trouble. It goes something like this:

  1. After meeting God, we allow Him to work in our lives and defeat our addictions, wrong thinking, and sins……we slay some monsters.
  2. Then we get comfortable long enough to lay down our weapons: We take a break from spending consistent time with God. We neglect prayer. And, we stop discipling ourselves.
  3. It’s during this false sense of comfort that we think we can approach the old monsters in our lives and live to tell about it. Old fears and old habits seem harmless so we approach – without our weapons – only to find they spring back to life and rip us to shreds.

Sound familiar? Have you witnessed this pattern in the lives of others? In your own life? Let’s not be victims, my friends. Let’s not lay our weapons down and think we can protect ourselves from life’s dangers. Stay armed. Stay alert. 

Want to watch the entire message from this weekend? Click here and discover a few ways to become the victor….not the victim!



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