Real Life Drama: Parts 4 & 5

0Conflict. It happens. Someone will betray you. Your kids will grate on your last nerve. A friend will disappoint you. Misunderstandings will occur. Often.

Conflict happens. Drama, however, is a choice.

Betrayal doesn’t have to lead to years of turmoil. Frustrations don’t have to escalate to Level 5. Disappointments don’t have to result in terminated relationships. Misunderstandings can be righted. In short, conflict can lead to peace, not drama.

In the past two weeks at Mountain Lake Church we wrapped up a teaching series on dealing with the inevitable conflict all of us will face. Pastors Blake Stanley and Brian Hunter taught us very practical, God-centered ways to respond when we clash with the people around us.

* Blake encouraged us to BE GENTLE with our approach and with our words. How? Listen more than we speak, choose the right time to talk, and guard our tone. What we say matters; how we say it matters more.

* Brian encouraged us to FORGIVE. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we condone the wrong or that we’ll forget the pain. It does mean that we show the same mercy to others that God chooses to show to us. Not easy to do, I’ll admit. Nevertheless, this is a muscle we MUST stretch.

So, let me give you a quick summary on dealing with conflict:

1. Focus on God

2. Go First

3. Speak The Truth in Love

4. Be Gentle

5. Forgive

The next time your temperature rises because someone has overstepped their bounds, remember the way God instructs us to respond.  If we do, the only drama we’ll see will be on TV.



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