…and then I found Mountain Lake

My friend, Tammy, recently posted something on Facebook that not only grabbed my attention, it grabbed my heart.

Check it out:

I wrote something recently about a difficult time in our lives and upon re-reading it for the tenth time, one sentence jumped out at me…

….and then we found Mountain Lake….

It made me stop and consider how very often that one statement is interjected into the stories that are shared with us at Mountain Lake Church. People bravely open up about their pain and brokenness and dysfunction only to get about 2/3 of the way through their story and make that statement. 

In a day when so very many churches have to close their doors, what makes a church in Forsyth County, Georgia thrive? Maybe it’s the pastor and the leaders. Maybe it’s the relevant teaching series. Maybe it’s the amazing worship that energizes and lifts our spirits each and every week. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s God working in all of these things as well as the people who have uttered that one sentence…..

…..and then I found Mountain Lake…..

Do you have a “then I found Mountain Lake” story? If you do, take a moment today to praise your Heavenly Father who pursues you with an everlasting love. And, thanks, Tammy, for the reminder that our church is indeed a very special gift from God!



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