Real Life Drama: Part 3

0I’ve only had one wreck in my life. I was 16, and it was on an icy road. But, I have run over my fair share of skateboards, bikes, and basketballs in my driveway. Those items fall victim to my blind spot – the area behind my van that I cannot see as I reverse out of my garage. I need one of those handy-dandy cameras on the back of van, for sure. Seeing my blind spot would surely spare some dents and dings.

We all have blind spots, and I’m not talking about in our cars. We have blind spots – personality quirks, character flaws, or rough spots – that cause us to “bump into” the people around us and do damage. And others can do the same to us. Our words and actions can do damage even when we have the best of intentions. So, what do we do? Ignore our blind spots? Ignore the blind spots other people have? Allow damage to continue happening? Overlook it?

God tells us exactly what to do. Check it out:

Matthew 18:15 If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over.”

The problem is we don’t like having our blind spots pointed out. We become defensive, don’t we? The truth is it’s easier to be nice than to be honest. Yet, Jesus tells us that we can be honest and nice. Here’s how:

Speak the truth in love. 

Speak: Sweeping the problem under the rug is not an option. Unresolved issues only lead to more issues.

The Truth: Honestly share your hurts, your offenses, and how you are feeling

In Love: Here is where most of us step in it. We cock our necks, wag our fingers, and inflate our attitude. Instead, consider how the other person will receive your words. Proceed with care and caution. Be gentle. Be kind. Be merciful. Be gracious. Consider how your words will be perceived and choose them wisely. Our goal should always be to win the relationship….not the argument. Wagging your neck or your finger doesn’t win your opponent over; it only serves to further divide.

If we choose to follow Matthew 18, life will be a bed of roses, and we’ll live happily ever after. NOT. Jesus said IF our brother listens to us, we’ll win him over. Not WHEN. People have a choice on how they respond, and they can certainly choose to ignore us. But, if they do, we’ve gained peace in our relationship again. If they don’t, we’ll still have peace….peace with God because we’ve responded in a way that brings Him pleasure.

Do you have a blind spot? Are you approachable? Are you defensive? Could someone speak the truth in love to you and win you over? 

That’s a great evaluation today, friends. Let others help you with some blind spots in your life….and prevent the damage that comes along with “bumping” into others!



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