What We Did This Weekend

homemade calzones, the first high school football game of the season, 3 kids at 3 different houses for sleepovers, late-night brownies and Walk The Line, early morning budget work, free tickets to the Bama game in the Georgia Dome (with Beef Tenderloin and BBQ….did I mention FREE??!!), lazy mornings with homemade sausage balls, poolside naps, a Revolution marathon,…. 


a little light reading (Agatha Christie’s Evil Under the Sun, for those of you with inquiring minds), a rained-out bike ride on the Greenway, Percy Jackson at Movie Studio Grill, pizza and popcorn, another Revolution marathon, backyard volleyball, a little blog work, chores, burgers and dogs on the grill,…..


…football and cheer practice, visiting with friends, and falling into bed with a good book. 


Whew.  My Labor Day Weekend was fun.  And filled.  What about you?  Did you enjoy a fun 3-day weekend?  




3 thoughts on “What We Did This Weekend

  1. Trina Cochran says:

    We had a wonderful weekend of adventure. Ricky and I traveled to Savannah/Tybee Island where we celebrated on Saturday our 28th wedding anniversay. We toured the island and did a dolphin watch. Then we had a wonderful dinner at Applebee’s bar and grill. Sunday we tour a street trolley tour of Savannah, walked River Street. We had a wonderful time spending the weekend together.


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