Do You Hang With the Wrong Crowd?

This weekend at Mountain Lake Church, we continued the “If You Really Knew Me” teaching series with a look at friendship.

To be more specific, Jesus’ type of friendship.

Jesus was criticized and maligned for being a friend of “sinners” by the religious leaders of the time. He hung out with people of questionable character, people who lacked moral integrity, and people who were shunned by everyone else. He ate dinner with them, took care of their physical needs, traveled with them, and enjoyed time with them. Yet, the religious leaders accused Him of defiling Himself and condoning wrong behavior.

Haven’t we heard that line before, too?

“You better not hang out with those people….they’ll drag you down.” 

“You are who you hang out with.”

“Don’t condone what they do by spending time with them.”

Yet, Jesus modeled a different approach to friendship. He didn’t run from the wrong crowd; He ran to the wrong crowd. He spent time with them. He was comfortable around them.  He helped them. And, He saw the best in them…..He saw their potential. He didn’t see their sin first…He saw them.

If you are a believer in God, let me ask you a question: Do you hang out with the wrong crowd? If not, why not?

Let go of the cultural and religious baggage that drags us down and find some ways to get to know the people around you. Want a great way to get started? Invite them to join you for the kickoff of our next teaching series, Real Life Drama, September 7/8th. Find someone, anyone, and start being a friend to them.

It’s what Jesus would do.



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