Silence Please

thLast Friday evening, my (as of today) 9-year-old son ran through the front door and begged to go to our neighborhood park to play football.  Older boys were involved, and against my better judgement I let him go.  Boys will be boys, right?


20 minutes later Paul came home with a concussion. My husband won the coin toss and got the honor of visiting the emergency room at 9pm.  Not exactly his idea of Friday night fun. The doctor gave strict orders for healing: no brain stimulation until Paul was headache-free for 24 hours. NO STIMULATION. Brain silence. Let me define that for you…just like the doctor did for us. No TV. No radio. No video games. No physical activity. No reading. No card games. Nothing.

Paul’s headaches have continued so we’ve been trying hard to obey the doctor. What can Paul do, you ask?  Sit on the sofa and imagine a big, black dot.  Let me tell you….we’re all going stir crazy.

This little exercise in silence has been eye-opening for me. I’ve come to realize there is a lot of noise in my life. Most of it is background noise like the car radio or the Today Show in the mornings. But, other noises truly demand my attention. Emails, tweets, Facebook notifications, texts, phone calls, calendar reminders, three kids talking at once, the stupid hermit crabs creeping around their cage (a bad vacation decision), and my never-ending to-do list that is constantly nagging my brain. Silence is not something that comes easily.

So, yesterday, Paul and I did the only thing we could do.  We turned everything off, crawled in my big ol’ bed, and I read a book to him.  He closed his eyes and listened.  Within 10 minutes both of us were asleep.  No lie.  We caught some zzzz’s for a solid hour.  Turns out silence can be a lot of fun.

So, what about you?  Do you have a ton of noise in your life?  What do you do to turn the world off and enjoy some silence?



2 thoughts on “Silence Please

  1. Angie Snow says:

    Tricia, first I pray Paul recovers quickly. How scary! You ask the question about what us readers do to turn off the world and enjoy silence. I pray and paint. I pray about anything and everything, good times and challenging times. This calms me as well as my hobby of painting. When I am painting, the world really does go away and there can be all kinds of things going on around me but I am completely into what I am painting. So, a combination of prayer and a hobby works very well!


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