By The Numbers

2408I’m one lucky girl.

No, luck has nothing to do with it.

I’m blessed.  God has gifted me with a wonderful friend….my closest confidant…my partner in every way.  Yep, that’s how I see my husband.  We’ll celebrate our wedding anniversary this month – a pretty monumental one.  As the date approaches my mind has wandered down memory lane on several occasions reminiscing on our life together.

We were just kids when we met – 19 years old – and in many ways we’ve grown up together.  We may not have shared our childhood years, but when I look back over our lives I can see how we’ve certainly grown and matured on our journey together.  We’ve shared a lot of “firsts” and partnered together in everything we’ve ever set out to do.  I can honestly say we spend the majority of our time together, not apart.

So, indulge me.  Allow me to walk down memory lane and share our life by the numbers:

Met at 19

Dated 3 years

Married when we were 22

Served 4 different churches 

Raised (ing) 3 kiddos

Made 7 houses our homes

Loved 2 dogs

Enjoyed 3 cruises (our fav way to vacation!)

Endured 5 surgeries (Note: Shawn is NOT the best patient)

Bought 9 cars

Started 1 church that has started 6 more

Hosted 9 conferences for pastors

Baptized 1700+ people for the Lord

Started/lead 5 ministries

Held hands 8,395 times

Supported each other more times than I can count

And, laughed (mostly at my expense) on a daily basis.

It seems I’ve blinked and decades have passed.

This month, on the 27th, Shawn and I will celebrate our life of partnership together.…20 years of love, friendship, and adventure. 20 years of high’s and low’s, laughs and tears, conflicts and hugs.  20 years of memories.

I would not be who God wanted me to be without that man of mine, and I pray we have many more years and memories ahead of us.  So, thanks for indulging a little sentimentality today.

Now, I could use your help! Do you have suggestions for how we should celebrate the big day? 








One thought on “By The Numbers

  1. Maybe watch your wedding video and/or photos, than go to dinner and walk around a unique place like montaluce (which would allow you to do both) and enjoy reminiscing and also dreaming of the next 20 years!


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