Summer Sabbatical and Sharp Tongues

It’s that time of year, friends.  Each summer, my family and I take a break from work and ministry.  We slow down and relax….a lot.  And, as much as I define myself as a Type A personality who likes to stay busy 25 hours a day, I must admit I relish these weeks of nothingness.  During these weeks, I have a difficult time returning emails promptly (sorry friends!), I don’t want to talk about church agendas (sorry Team!), and I don’t want any deadlines.  I simply want to be with my family, to laugh loudly, to soak up some sun, and to hold hands with my husband while watching movies late at night. Ahhh, I love our summer sabbatical.

Spending extended time with my family, however, does bring its challenges.  We occasionally get short-tempered with one another or frustrated when we don’t get our own way.  And, although I love loud laughter, the noise level in my home (or in the car or at a restaurant or while I’m on the phone… get the idea) can send me through the roof.  Then, the inevitable happens.  I assert myself.

That’s the Christian term for it.  I actually do more than “assert” myself.  Some might refer to it as “losing it.”  But, let’s not dwell on the past.  I saw a sign in my new favorite store “Altar’d State” that grabbed my attention and is now sitting prominently in my kitchen as a reminder for how I want to live….especially in those “lost” moments.  Here it is:







It’s not a great picture, I admit, but the message is a strong one. I need God’s guidance in my daily activities and interactions.  I bet you  do, too. So, if you are like me, and those closest to you get the best of you – and sometimes the worst – join me in asking God for His help. After all, Scripture teaches us that all of us must be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry (James 1:19).

In the meantime, do you have some tips for curbing your tongue when pressure mounts?

SharpenHer will be back in full swing in just a few weeks.  Until then, enjoy your Summer, friends!




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