Help Us Help Others

food pantryThe Mountain Lake Church Food Pantry feeds over 300 people each month and the needs of our community keep growing! Will you help us provide food for local families in need? During the summer, we want to focus on a few specific needs that our Food Pantry is currently experiencing.  Please bring any of the following four items with you to any of our weekend worship services (Saturday 4 & 5:30PM and Sunday 9:30 & 11AM) and place in the collection bin in the lobby.

Cereal (hot and cold)

Pancake Mix and Syrup

Canned Tuna

Canned Chicken

Of course, any food donation is appreciated, so don’t hesitate to contribute other items.  My own kids have crafted a fun plan.  They’ve hosted a Shaved Ice Sale in the front yard and are using their profits to buy items for the MLC food pantry.  So, this week we’ll purchase $15 worth of groceries for those in need.  Join us!  As you shop this week, pick up a few extra items and help us help others!


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