The Family That Texts Together….

The first 2 weeks of summer has looked a little differently for my family.  My crew typically spends every moment together in June and July, complete with a few vacations and plenty of time lounging around the house. But, these times, they are a-changin’.

My oldest daughter has seen fit to book two beach trips….sans the rest of the family.  One was a student camp trip with our church, and the other was a trip with her best friend.  That’s 14 days, people.  14 days that my child daughter has been away from home!  Let me just say, I’ve struggled.  I miss her…our funny conversations and our inside jokes.  But, alas, her social calendar called and she answered.  Like I said, these times are a-changin’.

Changing times aren’t all that bad, though.  Sometimes change brings really good stuff.  Like social media.

(You probably didn’t expect that line, did you?)

I know, social media certainly has its critics.  From indecent texts to over-sharing on Facebook and tirades on Twitter, social media can be used in harmful ways, for sure.  But, it has its advantages, as well.  Especially for us as parents. While my daughter has traveled to other states, she’s really only a text away.  While she makes memories with her friends, I can see what she’s doing on Instagram.  She can call me from a fishing pier in Seaside or a hotel room in Myrtle Beach.  As a matter of fact, she can call and give me the details of her day at ANY time, from ANY place.  I can watch her Twitter feed and the feeds from her friends to see what shenanigans are ensuing. In short, though my family might be separated I still have access to the daily happenings of their lives.

I know what you’re thinking right now.  You’re thinking, “Tricia stalks her kids through social media.” Um, yes.  Guilty as charged.  Although stalk might be a strong term.  I simply want a healthy awareness of what my kids are up to, who their friends are, and what they think about life.  I can get all that info  – AND MORE – on social media.  On more than one occasion over the past 14 days a smile has lit up my face as I’ve gotten a text from Hannah or as I’ve seen a picture of the fun she’s having with her friends.  I’ve felt connected to her world even though we aren’t together.

The same principle applies when my hubby travels.  Although he might be miles away, I feel connected to him when I “live” the details of his day through phone calls, texts, and yes, even his Twitter feed.

So, does absence make the heart grow fonder? Maybe.  But, I don’t have to settle for absence.  I can stay connected even when miles separate.  The family that texts together, stays together.  Or, something like that.  😉



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