The Big Send-Off

Today is the day. The big send-off.

My daughter leaves this morning. She’s headed to Myrtle Beach with the student ministry at Mountain Lake Church for a week of surf, sand, and discipleship. She’ll pile onto a bus with tons of other students and spend the next several days making memories.

I remember my own student camp trips back in the day. Oh, the memories. Meals in the cafe, volleyball competitions (which I expertly dodged participation), lessons learned about God, journal entries, becoming friends with fantastic chaperones, flirting with boys,….the list could go on. Those were some good times. More importantly, those times laid a foundation for my life. For who I am. I learned a lot about God, about relationships, about who God intended me to be, and about how to stand firm in my faith. I also learned how to draw mustaches with eyeliner on unsuspecting bus riders while they napped.

Years later, I attended other student camps, not as a camper, but as a chaperone, and I had just as much fun. Once again, I learned a lot. A lot about leadership, about the importance of mentoring, and about being a friend to students. And about short-sheeting students and setting their alarms for 3AM.

Oh, the memories.

I can’t wait to hear my daughter’s stories. I’m sure we’ll text back and forth while she’s gone, so I won’t have to wait long for the details. But, mostly, I’m anxious to hear what God does in her life….the lessons she learns, the lightbulb moments she has.

So, I’m praying for student camp this week. I’m praying for soft hearts to respond to God and for spiritual growth. I’m praying for new friendships and strong bonds in our family of faith. I’m praying for the camp leaders and volunteers.

Will you join me? Would you take a quick moment to say a prayer right now? Really? Right now. Thanks, friends!



6 thoughts on “The Big Send-Off

  1. Mary Jones says:

    Praying for your daughter and all who will be with her at the camp. I am originally from Sumter, South Carolina. So have fun in my home state. Be blessed!


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