A Quiet Celebration

Yesterday wasn’t noticed by anyone else.  It wasn’t celebrated by multiple well-wishes on Facebook or Twitter, and no one sent cards in the mail. In fact, no one knew that yesterday held any significance.

But, it did.

For Shawn and me.

May 1, 1999, we moved to Cumming, Georgia to start a new chapter in our lives: to plant Mountain Lake Church. We unloaded a moving truck, met our neighbors, and adjusted to life far from family and friends.  We spent the next 8 months prepping for our Grand Opening, and on January 16, 2000 we launched.  Now, that date is celebrated by many.  Our church honors its anniversary with a grateful look back over what God has done in our midst each year, and I love celebrating with all of our friends.

But, May 1 is a date that my husband and I hold just as dear.  It’s the date we stepped out in faith…..alone….with no guarantee what the future would hold.  I’ll never forget those early days or the feelings that accompanied them.  It was us against for the world.  We plotted, planned, dreamed, worked, laughed, cried……all while we prayed God would use us.

And, He has.

These have been the best 14 years of our lives.  We’ve experienced such contentment as we’ve lived out our purpose.  Sure, there have been days filled with doubt and moments when we’ve been ready to quit.  But, God has sustained us and He has equipped us for this task.

So, happy anniversary to Shawn and me.  Our quiet celebration warms my heart and motivates me to keep going.

Are you celebrating what God has done in your life?  Take a moment today and reflect.  You just might find the motivation and inspiration you need to keep going!




4 thoughts on “A Quiet Celebration

  1. Marsha Reiter says:

    Tricia! That is the same exact day Jim and I started ministry in Dunwoody GA! Happy anniversary to you!! We attended velocity (loved your session and just quoted you to Jim yesterday…year 3-5, leadership…)and Jim talked to Shawn at Exponential. We are part of a 2.5 yr new church plant, still in Dunwoody We are on the brink of stepping out in faith with property. Pray for us!

    Blessings to you,

    Marsha Reiter 770.823.8684


  2. Congratulations! Wow, I didn’t realize that Mtn Lake had been around that long.

    Yes, I celebrate the special “God moments” regularly. In fact, May is a big month for me as well. May 9 is the day I surrendered my life to Christ. May 22 & May 30 are days that God spoke to me about my future and He is bringing that to fulfillment now. He is awesome and yes, He can do amazing things when we step out in faith.

    Have a Victorious Day!


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