On My Bookshelf This Month

Lifeinboldweb-e63705be5b20bdf2714c4256966a9b4dThis weekend we launched a new teaching series at Mountain Lake Church called LIFE IN BOLD.  We’ll be learning from the book of Acts and the very first Christians about bold faith, bold prayers, and bold witness.  I have to say, of all the stories in Scripture, the stories about the lives of the earliest believers intrigue me the most.  They faced persecution, isolation, and even death, but their faith knew no restraint.  They huddled together to refuel and worship together.  They left their huddle to go out into their communities and talk about who Jesus was and what He had done.  And they met the needs of the people they met by feeding, healing, loving, and teaching.  Each time I read their stories, I’m amazed at their passion, their success, and their zeal.

Which is why I’m pumped about this month’s reading plan at MLC.  Together, we’re reading through the book of Acts.  28 chapters.  28 days.  Even the busiest among us has time to read something so short and simple.  But, more importantly, we need to be reminded of what we’re capable of.  And we need to ask ourselves if our own passion – BOLDNESS – measures up to those first Christians?

So, today it begins.  If you’d like to join me, read chapter one and write down one main idea that strikes you.  Easy.  Each week, I’ll post a few of my own main ideas so we can compare notes.  Together, we’ll learn about BOLD faith.

In the meantime, click here to watch the kickoff of Life In Bold!




One thought on “On My Bookshelf This Month

  1. It fascinates me to think of how the Holy Spirit was able to inspire speech in each believer in the language of the person who was hearing him. Even today, I believe He gives us inspiration so we can reach the heart of those we share our faith in Christ in. I know I sometimes feel that Pastor Shawn says something that was meant just for me and I imagine others feel the same because the Holy Spirit is influencing the speech both in the Pastor and in our hearts.


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