A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Home From Spring Break Vacation….

highway_guardrailsOk, not so funny.

More like alarming.

As my family and I traveled north on Ga 400 we saw blue lights flashing.  Yep, a cop.  But not after us, thankfully.  As we watched he sped ahead of us obviously in hot pursuit.  A few moments passed when we saw a second set of blue lights flashing.  With all this excitement, our snoozing kids came to life in the backseat.  Then, a third police car joined the action.  We were busy concocting our own stories of who the police were chasing and what the alleged bad guys had done when we saw the blue lights slow down right in front of our car.

We were mesmerized as we witnessed all three police cars converge on a 4 door sedan.  Together, they edged the car to the side of the road and then stopped all oncoming traffic, including the Lovejoy van – which, by the way, enjoyed front-row status.  We couldn’t believe it!  We had never witnessed anything like it and since our car was directly behind one of the police cars, we had an incredible view of the action.

Now, as you can imagine, we were pretty animated as we slowed to a stop.  The kids were saying things like WOW and COOL and ROLL DOWN YOUR WINDOW SO WE CAN HEAR THEM.  That’s when I saw it.  The police officer closest to us reached for his hand gun, thought better of it, and pulled out a longer, larger gun instead.

Geez Louise, I wasn’t ready for that! 

All of the police officers pulled their weapons and trained them on the bad guy.  All I could think was if this became a shootout, we were in trouble.  In my calmest  most panicked voice, I told the kids to get down, and then my natural instinct was to put the car in reverse.

Uh, I was sitting on GA 400.  There were about 9,785 cars on my bumper.  Not happening.

So, I did the only thing I could do – watched the action and called the scene like a commentator on ESPN.

“Ok, the canines are barking.”  (I usually don’t refer to dogs as canines, but it seemed to fit the moment.  Most commentators sound professional like that.)

“The tall, skinny man is stepping out of his vehicle.”

“His hands are raised….reaching for the sky.” (I was feeling risky, so I cracked my window to hear what the police were saying. When I looked over to my husband, I saw him filming the event with his iPhone.  Good thing.  My commentary was superb. Then I noticed the guy in the neighboring car pull out his phone to film, too.  I wonder if I should have commentated louder for his benefit?)

“The police are on their bullhorn.  Telling him to turn around….walk backwards.”

“Ok, the cops are cuffing him.  And, the car search begins.”

Then, the excitement was over as the police waved the traffic back into play.  The whole thing lasted about 2 minutes.  Not nearly enough time for me to master my commentary skills.  But, it was enough for my family.  We happily drove home, thankful for no gun-fight.

But, the story didn’t end there.  As luck would have it, one of the police officers is a friend of mine.  As we compared notes later in the week, he told me what had happened.  Turns out it wasn’t a thief on the run or a wanted drug dealer.  It was a case of road rage.  A woman had called 911 because she thought someone had brandished a gun at her while driving down the road.  It wasn’t a gun.  It was brass knuckles.

Classy guy.  Waving brass knuckles at women.

Needless to say, I bet he won’t be waving at people any time soon.

So, here’s today’s lesson:  KEEP CALM AND DRIVE ON (said in my best commentators voice).  I’m sure God expects us to act with more dignity and grace than these characters did.

And, if you wave at someone, be sure to use all of your fingers….not just one.



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