My Gain….and Pain

stock-illustration-9194268-retro-cartoon-swimwear-shorts-tank-bikini-and-gogglesAround here the weather is NICE.  High of 81 today, and although the forecast called for clouds, the sky is clear.  Looking out my windows while I work inside makes me yearn for one thing: a lounge chair in the sun.  I’m admittedly a summer girl at heart, and I literally feel GUILTY if I’m indoors on a beautiful day.

All that beautiful weather means shorts and swimsuits are in my (very near) future.  Now, I’m a little bit of a heath nut, so I’ve been eating (mostly) healthy and exercising very consistently.  But, my latest exercise routine has come to a close.  Thanks to Pinterest I’ve found a new routine!  Here’s what I did this morning:

35 jumping jacks

30 seconds of high knee running

20 crunches

40 bicycles

10 oblique crunches

10 squats

5 burpees

10 incline push-ups (killer)

40 seconds of jumping rope

20 inner thigh leg lifts (each leg)

10 sit ups

50 Russian twists (made me pray that Jesus would return NOW)

10 bird dogs

20 seconds plank

20 crunches

35 jumping jacks

30 seconds high knee running

30 seconds butt kicking running

The circuit took me about 12 minutes, and I completed it three times.  Trust me, I was dripping in sweat.  So, bring on the shorts and swimsuits….I’m getting ready!!!

What about YOU?  What do you do for a fitness routine?  The gym? A dvd set? Tell me what you’re doing to keep your body in tip top shape!



6 thoughts on “My Gain….and Pain

  1. Michelle Jeffcoat says:

    Ok I think I just passed out from reading that post. From complete and utter shock and surprise!!! 20 years ago when we were room mates- you were anti- exercise so you can imagine what this news is doing to my mind right now! Ha!!! I’m so so proud and excited of your now fit lifestyle! Ok so to answer the question at hand- I am personally on a 4 day a week cross training schedule between stationary bike, elliptical machine, and treadmill. Two days also have upper body free weights incorporated- and two days I have squats incorporated. I also use the ” Myfitnesspal” app to track my intake. I call it ” Michelle Watchers”. Otherwise I end up popping candy in my mouth late in the day 🙂
    Big hug fitness queen!!! Michelle


    • Michelle, my how times have changed! I’ve been on the fitness wagon for almost a decade! I just finished for the 3rd time. Check out their website. It’s a great dvd set. I’ve even done P90X. Sounds like you are hard at it, too! So good to chat with you, roomie!


    • For a better explanation, you can google search it. There are videos that demonstrate exercise moves. But, here you go: get on your hands and knees. Raise your right hand and left leg straight out in pointing positions. Draw them back in until the knee and elbow touch. Then point them out again. Repeat for each side.


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