Each month I write an article for a local magazine, Up In Cumming, and I enjoy sharing them with you, too.  This month’s issue is all about fashion.  Here’s my take on the subject:


article2117_1When it comes to fashion there are two kinds of people.  Trendsetters and trend followers.  There are those among us who mixed stripes with patterns long before it was cool.  Others have shown us the perils of pleated pants.  In short, some of us lead and some follow.

I, for one, am a trend follower.  When new fashion ideas hit the masses, I usually shy away rather than embrace the latest trend.

Take skinny jeans for example.

A few years ago, clothes fit looser – sometimes even oversized – giving me plenty of room to take that second helping of loaded mashed potatoes and enjoy myself.  Not anymore.  An extra bite of that calorie laden goodness might cause me to spring a button on those fashion forward pants.  When the skinny jean trend made its appearance, I scoffed.  Who would wear such a thing?  

Uh, apparently everyone in the known world.

Before long, skinny jeans were everywhere.  In every color. On every body type.  I saw them in magazines, in stores, and on people.  Over time my reservations began to wane, however, as I saw how attractive people looked in this new trend, and I saw its benefits.  Tall boots looked stylish over a dark pair of skinny jeans, and legs look longer and leaner when paired with modern heels.  Eventually I found myself in a dressing room sliding on my very first pair.

The fashion world isn’t the only one setting trends.  A quick drive down Georgia 400 showcases that trends happen everywhere.  One driver edges in front of another in traffic causing the second driver to act more aggressively, too.  In a matter of minutes, the highway is full of impatient, angry people.  The same thing happens in our homes when we arrive in a foul mood.  One cross word results in another unpleasant response until our homes are replete with discord.  Most of us follow the path that someone else cuts out before us, so if they pave the way with frustration and annoyance we’ll likely respond in kind (or not so kind).  I’ll admit I’m tempted to return the slap rather than turn the other cheek.

What we need are some trendsetters.  We need some people who would pave the way with compassion and gentleness even in the face cheap shots and selfish gain.  We need people who would choose to act with respect and good manners whether or not the people around them deserve it.  Although we might scoff at first – thinking they are crazy for not demanding their own way – we just might recognize the benefits of their way of living.  We might see their actions as so beautiful – so attractive – that we, too, want to give it a shot.  And, before long we might see a trend of thoughtfulness or self-control in our homes and offices.

Fashion and faith. They aren’t that far apart.  If those of us who call ourselves Christians would simply wear our faith the way God intended, a watching world would be drawn to us.  They would know just how beautiful our God really is.  And, they would want to try Him out for themselves.  Let’s pave the way with love and honor.

That’s a trend we can all set.




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