I Promise I’m Not M.I.A.

Long time, no post. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, wonder no longer.

Illness, Easter, and vacation.

In that order.

In the weeks leading up to Easter, a mild virus was causing havoc in my house. My oldest daughter caught it. Then, my middle child. Then my oldest, again. Just for good measure, the virus included me in the fun. Along the way, our viruses became ear and sinus infections. The party never stopped, and I certainly didn’t feel like typing on my Mac.

Easter was a bright spot during all that coughing and pill taking. Our family celebrated, our ministry team at Mountain Lake celebrated, and our church celebrated. We were busy with tons of ministry details….again, no time for my Mac.

And, finally, vacation. Yep, it’s Spring Break around these parts, and my kids are home which means I’ve been doing a lot of playing, laughing, movie-watching, and ice-cream-eating. Throw a theme park and a few bike rides in there, too. You guessed it: no time for posting blogs on my Mac.

I’ll be back, though. Next week. I have a few more days to ignore my regular routine and responsibilities. Which is a good thing. Rest is good for our minds, bodies, outlooks, and, creativity levels.

So, I’ll talk to you guys next week. Until then, why not join me? It’s Fun-Day Friday! Read a book, go on a date, take a bike ride, or meet up with a friend. Break your normal routine and enjoy life today! have a great weekend, friends!


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