An All Out Loving Answer

The people of Mountain Lake Church inspire me. Recently, I heard a story of an expensive need that was met by the generous people of our church. Yet again, I’m humbled that God has given us this church to love and lead.

As the story goes, a pastor and his wife were traveling from Buffalo, New York to attend our Velocity Conference.  They attended our conference last year, too, and they purchased tickets for this year’s conference months ago.  Their journey to Georgia took a turn they were unprepared for.  Read the story in their own words:

“Blessed by generous strangers! Our radiator needed to be replaced (drove most of the way to Atlanta with no heat).  Michael asked a volunteer from Mountain Lake Church where we could find a trustworthy repair shop. This woman worked all day to give us a few ideas and really went out of her way to make sure we were taken care of. We felt God’s love by how she went above and beyond answering a question. THEN this morning (the second day of the conference) when I took the van to the shop, the owner informed me that our bill was paid in full by “Mountain Lake volunteers.”  I want to be this generous in my serving. I want my children to be this generous in serving. Thank you stranger for showing me God’s love by answering a simple question with an all out LOVING answer.”

I agree – I want to be this generous….this loving….this willing to meet the need of a stranger.  Or, a friend.  Or, my family.

Let’s look for opportunities to give an all out LOVING answer to someone’s need today.  Thanks, Mountain Laker’s, for meeting needs and loving people.  I’m inspired.



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