Birthday Wishes

birthday presentWant to know one of my favorite things about my birthday?  All the Facebook and Twitter birthday wishes.

Sound a little weird?  Maybe, but I enjoy seeing alerts pop up on my phone and computer telling me someone cares enough to wish me well.  I enjoy the text messages from friends.  And, I love the phone calls.

Why does it matter so much?

Because I love feeling loved.  It’s as simple as that, really.  Of all the things I do and accomplish, the love I have with friends and family is what matters most to me.  So, I can mentor, write, and teach….I can check items off my to-do list…..I can clean and organize….and I can run my household…..and all of those things will make me feel accomplished or useful, but none of them will make me feel loved.  It’s the relationships in my life that matter most.  And, at the end of my life, I’ll most likely be measured by how well I loved (and was loved) rather than by how many tasks I accomplished.

Today has been a good birthday….not because of what I’ve received, but because who has celebrated with me.  Thanks, friends, for walking this journey with me.  YOU are loved, too!



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