You Might Be A Church Planter’s Wife If…

planters-wifeI’ve recently had several opportunities to hang out with men and women in the throes of church planting.  Our talk often focused on the ways our God-sized task infiltrates every area of our lives, which makes me relive the early days of our own church plant.

I remember packing everything our church owned into an old, repainted U-haul trailer and storing it in a neighbor’s dilapidated barn each week.  I remember getting up at 4:30AM on Sundays so we could unpack that trailer and set up our church environment in Sawnee Primary School.  I remember trying to decide if I should answer my home phone, “Mountain Lake Church” or with a simple, “hello?”  I remember arguing talking with Shawn about whether or not we should count our own family in the attendance numbers.

Good times, good times.  As a matter of fact, these are the “good times” that every church planter faces.  We all walk the same road, after all.  So, today I’m having some fun.  See you have lived the same good times I have.

You Might Be A Church Planter’s Wife If….

You’ve ever invited people to your children’s birthday parties as an evangelistic outreach.

You’ve ever thought of yourself as highly called and grossly under-qualified.

You’ve ever baked cookies, cinnamon rolls or other food items for more than 100 people.

Your kids think of church as their second home.

You always have to make sure the back of your hair looks good because 99% of the church people sit behind you.

Your living room is also the church auditorium.

The church phone rings at your house.

Your life is a sermon illustration.

Your husband’s office is in your home….or is it your home is in your husband’s office?

Your garage holds storage tubs and sound equipment rather than your cars.

The words “set up” and “take down” have become a permanent part of your vocabulary.

You have 5 members: you, your husband, and your three children.

When you stay home with your kids because they are sick, church attendance goes down 40%.

You’ve trained your 7-year-old to operate the music slides during worship.

You don’t want to “make” your kids tithe, but you know that 25% of the offering will come from them tithing their allowance.

Your turn.  What do you do that pegs you as a church planter’s wife?  




4 thoughts on “You Might Be A Church Planter’s Wife If…

  1. You know you are a church planter’s wife….when grape juice & matzos are regularly on your grocery list.

    …When you can spot litter on the sidewalk from a mile away.

    When the hunt for your 5 year old on Sundays makes you wish you were wearing gym sneakers each week.

    ……When you want to present an Academy Award to any lady who’ll dare sit with you on the front row.

    ….When the “skinny jean” debate in your head never goes away!

    …When you don’t think it’s odd to carry windex or a black sharpie in your purse.

    …you are thrilled about a family getaway to Ikea to shop for nursery chairs.

    ….when there’s no room for your child in the car after a trip to Sam’s Club!


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