Isabella’s Story

Our church cheered as 17 more people were baptized this past weekend, but I might have cheered a little louder than usual.  Not just because I had personal friends who were going public with their faith in God, even though I was certainly celebrating with them.  I cheered a little louder because one person’s story grabbed my attention.

When I saw 7-year-old Isabella Christie climb into the baptistry, I couldn’t resist a smile.  You would, too.

Isabella donned a pair of goggles.

Now, I’ve seen people hold their nose when they are dunked for Jesus, but I’ve never seen goggles.  I might have even chuckled a little at how precious the scene was.  Honestly, there was something so innocent…so endearing about the image of this little girl – whose head was barely visible over the side of the baptistry – who had prepared herself for what was to come and didn’t care what we thought about her goggles.

Then I heard Isabella’s story.

Turns out, Isabella has been taking swimming lessons for two years so she wouldn’t be afraid to be baptized.  Two years!  This is a decision she has been preparing for….a day she’s been working toward.  As I sat in the worship service and cheered her on, I marveled at her determination.

Then I wondered about the rest of us in the room.

Do we put as much effort into preparing ourselves spiritually? 

Do we do whatever it takes to be obedient to whatever task God has called us to? 

Do we make a stand for Jesus even if it means we look a little different from the world around us?

Do we do work – even if it’s hard – to make ourselves more usable in God’s hands?

I’m proud of Isabella, and I welcome her to the family of God.  More importantly, I’m inspired by her.  I hope you are, too.  If we follow God, may we all follow like Isabella – doing whatever it takes to say yes to Jesus.


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