Join Me!

This is the final week of the JustONE conference, a uber-cool online conference for pastors’ wives and women in ministry, and I’m pumped to host it alongside Brandi Wilson.  If you’ve been hiding under a rock and don’t know what JustONE is, check out the Leading And Loving It website at 10AM, 2PM, 10PM, 2AM Easter today or tomorrow.  That’s right, it airs several times so you have plenty of opportunities to watch. I’ll be watching – and adding comments in the chat box – so join me!

This is a short and sweet post, I know, but I’ve got to grab a workout before the JustONE fun begins, and then I’ll dive into some prep work for Velocity 2013….WHICH IS NEXT WEEK!!!!!  And, if I don’t go buy my son some jeans that fit, he’ll be the laughingstock of school with his floodwater jeans.  So, I’m off.  Happy Monday, friends!

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