Life Is Better With Friends

This past week my hubby had knee surgery.  After hurting for a long time, he finally had an MRI which indicated a torn medial meniscus.  Sounds serious, huh?  Well, it got worse.  In surgery, the doc discovered that the lateral meniscus was torn, as well.  Plus, Shawn had a couple of bone spurs under his knee cap.  Thankfully, all of it could be repaired, but recovery hasn’t been much fun.  Pain and swelling have only been abated by good drugs and lots of resting…..neither of which Shawn does well.

Shawn is a pretty private guy, so he didn’t tell many people about his surgery or his pain.  He didn’t want people to worry about him or go to any trouble on his behalf.  But, there’s a drawback to going through pain in private – there’s no one to help you!  I’m guilty of the same attitude.  I often bear far too many burdens because I don’t want to ask for help.  Worrying that I’ll impose too much on a friend, I sometimes take on too many responsibilities and overestimate my own abilities.

Thankfully, a few friends got word of Shawn’s surgery and sent yummy meals to make life easier for our family.  They couldn’t take the pain away or reduce the swelling, but they could brighten his day.  They could meet a need.  They could lighten the load.

Do you know someone who is having a rough day?  A trying week?  What could you do to lighten their load?  A simple note of encouragement? A meal?  Some help around the house?  Some mentoring? A token gift to bring a smile on a depressing day?

Or, maybe you are the one having a rough patch.  If so, are you facing your burdens alone? Don’t!  While you don’t have to shout your private pain from the rooftops for all to hear, you most certainly can find a trusted friend to confide in.  Whether the burden is big or small, let me encourage you to drop the super-hero mentality, and reach out for help.  For counsel.  For encouragement.  For a listening ear.  For a helping hand.

This week, friends offered help in spite of our protests, and we are thankful they did.  We needed it.  God put these friends in our lives for a purpose, and we experienced the blessing of friendship.  After all, life is much better with friends.  Especially in the rough patches.

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4 thoughts on “Life Is Better With Friends

  1. Ginny Davis says:

    Amen! I imagine this is common among pastors and their families. As members of the church, we never hesitate to ask our pastors for prayer and we don’t want them to hesitate to ask us either! Just knowing others are thinking of you and praying for you is such a comfort. I encourage all pastors and their families to reach out to their trusted small group with any concern or need – big or small. You are so loved and you are not meant to carry your burdens alone!


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